Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Halloween Kid by Rhode Montijo

Halloween? Candy? Cowboy? Lasso? Modern retro art? Yes, please!! The Halloween Kid by Rhode Montijo is a perennial favorite of mine. And it's perfect for any kid who becomes completely committed to acting the part when they're in their costume—which, I guess, is probably all of them.
© 2010 by Rhode Montijo
The Halloween Kid is a classic masked hero, a defender of all things good and just—especially the right to get delicious candy on Halloween. With his trusty steed, the Kid wrangles up all kinds of Halloween-hating hoodlums like toilet paper mummies, pumpkin-suckin' vampires, leaf-pile ghosts and more. Because of him, trick-or-treaters are safe to do their business.... Until the day the Goodie Goblins show up.  And when the varmints prove to be too much for The Halloween Kid, who can he turn to for help?
Look, kids, I managed to wrassle me up the author/illustrator's autograph!
Montijo does an amazing job of blending the two seemingly different worlds of Halloween and Westerns. From the clever way in which he incorporates the monsters into this world to the tone of his voice, it feels as if he's really thought of everything. And the choice to use a limited color palette, as well as the weathered effect, only serves to heighten the experience.

Although this book came out two Halloweens ago, Montijo constantly promotes it with tons of goodies that I would urge you to check out. Heck, the Halloween Kid even has his very own Twitter account. So there's plenty of things to make sure you have a Yee-Ha-Halloween!

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